Citing pynucastro

If you use pynucastro, please CITE the “2.0” paper and the latest Zenodo DOI. You can also cite the JOSS paper.

Astrophysical Journal (“2.0 paper:):

doi = {10.3847/1538-4357/acbaff},
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author = {Alexander I. Smith and Eric T. Johnson and Zhi Chen and
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title = {pynucastro: A Python Library for Nuclear Astrophysics},
journal = {The Astrophysical Journal},
abstract = {We describe pynucastro 2.0, an open-source library for
            interactively creating and exploring astrophysical nuclear
            reaction networks.  We demonstrate new methods for
            approximating rates and use detailed balance to create
            reverse rates, show how to build networks and determine
            whether they are appropriate for a particular science application,
            and discuss the changes made to the library over the past few
            years. Finally, we demonstrate the validity of the networks
            produced and share how we use pynucastro networks in simulation


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The latest version is always here:

  author       = {the pynucastro development and
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