Third Party Data

pynucastro incorporates the following publicly-available third-party data. Links to this data as well as citations to the relevant publications are as follows.

Reaction rates

Nuclear reaction rates from JINA Reaclib

The reaction rate parameterizations in pynucastro/library were obtained from the JINA Reaclib database.

  • Cyburt et al. [2010]

Tabulated weak nuclear reaction rates

Physical constants from CODATA

The standalone AMReX-Astro Microphysics networks rely on physical constants sourced from the 2014 CODATA recommended values, located at

  • Mohr et al. [2016]

Masses, binding energies, and spins from the Atomic Mass Data Center

We get the basic nuclear properties from the AME2016 evaluation. This is available online at Nuclear Data Services.

Atomic Mass Evaluation 2016:

  • Huang et al. [2017]

  • Wang et al. [2017]

Atomic Mass Evaluation 2012:

Partition functions

We use the tabulated partition functions from the following sources:

  • Rauscher et al. [1997]

  • Rauscher [2003]